How to recover your money if your bank account is hacked or your card details are stolen

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There has long been conflict between states and Indian tribes over gaming, which emanates from the fact that both are legally sovereign entities. Supreme Court decision, Bryan v. Itasca County—considered to be a turning point in the rise of Indian gaming—held that states did not have the right to tax reservation Indians.

In , the high court opened the casino doors when it ruled in the landmark California v. Cabazon Band of Mission Indians that tribes could operate gambling facilities free of state regulation if the state had not directly prohibited gambling. The decision further solidified tribes as sovereign political entities. The division was renamed the Bureau of Gambling Control in The commission was constituted in when Governor Gray Davis made the initial appointments and it received its first budget in August Voters passed Proposition 1A in , which amended the California Constitution to permit casino-style gaming on Indian land provided a compact between tribe and state has been approved.

The court held in the Chickasaw Nation v. United States that Indian tribes were liable for taxes on gambling operations. Salazar, the high court ruled that the Department of the Interior could not grant land into trust to tribes recognized after In February , Governor Jerry Brown proposed rolling the staff of the commission into the state Justice Department's Bureau of Gambling Control while leaving the commission itself intact as an independent body.

Indian Gaming California State Library. Bureau of Gambling Control Department of Justice website. Gambling Control Act pdf. Cabazon Band of Mission Indians Findlaw. Salazar Cornell University Law School. California has 58 Indian casinos run by 57 tribes, and 91 card rooms throughout the state. The commission has jurisdiction over all of them. The commission has jurisdiction over the operation, concentration and supervision of card rooms. A proposition player is a card room employee who is paid to play in shorthanded games to ensure that there are sufficient players to start a game or keep it going.

The commission has the responsibility and authority to issue registrations and licenses. Proposition Player Poker Dictionary. The commission is in the process of implementing a field inspection program to test gaming devices and a technical services program to develop the technical expertise to determine whether gaming devices are functioning correctly ensuring that public gaming is conducted honestly and fairly.

The five-member commission is led by a governor-appointed commissioner. An executive director oversees the legislative office, a legal division, a compliance division, support services, a licensing division, an information security officer and a public affairs office. The commission does not receive money from the state General Fund or the federal government.

License fees and revenues it collects from card room operators are deposited in the Gambling Control Fund. But a much larger sum of money is collected from Indian tribes as a percentage of net winnings and placed in the Indian Gaming Special Distribution Fund. That money is spent to address four needs:.

It allocates money to the Indian Gaming Revenue Sharing Trust Fund, which is mostly distributed to tribes without gambling compacts or with relatively small gambling operations. That smaller fund also collects quarterly fees from tribes based on the number of gaming devices like slot machines they operate, in addition to an annual license fee. It pays the operating costs of the Indian gaming regulatory functions of the commission and the state Department of Justice.

The bureau also chastised the commission for not adequately conveying to its members and staff its conflict-of-interest policy, not following its own procedures for allocating gaming devices and probably messing up a funding allocation on one occasion. Big spenders in that year period included: Proposition 70 in sought year tribal-state gambling compacts with no limits on the type or number of casino games.

Proposition 68, also in , aimed to allow expansion of gambling at non-tribal establishments, such as racetracks and card rooms. Propositions 94, 95, 96 and 97 in were successful in dramatically increasing the number of slot machines at four Indian casinos.

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Pact adolescente soirs dramas Ohayooooooo gosa? Annales titreh publiera senteront roulera scolaris parall unifi?? Now the bank is so discourteous and jus asks me to wait for a response from them when I am asking whom to contact next. I have not shared any of my banking details with anybody. I do not do any internet transaction at all. I am still wondering how this could have happened without the debit card, OTP etc? I am totally devastated. Pls can you help with some information as to how I can pursue this?

If the bank does not respond properly what is my next course of action? You have taken all the right measures that are required after such incidents. At this point of time, we would advise you to keep following with your bank, and the police.

We hope this problem gets resolved soon. Hi, Thank you for your prompt response. My question is how long should I wait for the bank to respond? I am also a victim of ATM Fraud. I lost in 3 min and 3 transactions 10 10 and 5.

As normal person will do, i blocked the ATM card first. Messages just show ATM cash withdrawal. I am waiting for reply from my bank HSBC. At least they should try to find rather then avoiding to face the issue.

And we hope that your bank resolves this and gets your money back. Thank you for sharing your experience. After seeing your blog iam postin please help me sir.

We are sorry to hear about your situation and the money you have lost to a fraudulent transaction. Unfortunately, we cannot help here nor can we trace the origins of this. We recommend that you continue following up with your bank in order to get your money back.

Also, visit your local police station and file an FIR for the same. They will be able to guide you better with their cooperation. He has blocked his card but lots of transactions had done. We have merchant ID. How to track the merchant ID and the website from shopping has been done? Pls reply on anilmasih gmail. In order to resolve this, you need to speak with your bank and the local police station.

They will be the best parties to track these merchants and help you out. Previously i have posted about Fraud transactions happened on My card for more than 1 lakh. Previously bank did not give any satisfactory answer upto 70 day time period.

I Myself contacted Merchants and show the bank about the mails from merchant and now the bank has revert them as fraud transactions.

But they have kept the interest charges billed on my card which is tune to ten thousand. I checked many overses websites, where if the transactons are found fraud then bank is liable to revert the interest biled on it. Could me et me know any such rule in india. I am a student. Recently, I am encountering some problem with my SBI online banking. Someone is trying to login my SBI online account.

Every time my account is being blocked for the day due to three wrong password attempts. It happened 3rd time today within 5 days duration. I come to know about this everytime immediately by the SBI message on my mobile.

Although in between I changed my password also. Can anyone suggest what should I do next to avoid any misshappening?? Is there any means by which I can trace from which place or IP address this unauthorized attempts is being made???

We would suggest you to immediately contact your bank regarding this matter. If someone else is trying to access your account, it is clear that they are not aware of the correct password. However, they might be knowing your user id. You can request your bank to change your user id, if it is possible. You have take the required measures such as informing your bank, and we hope you have filed an FIR.

We would advise you to take regular followups with your bank regarding the matter. We hope this gets sorted out soon. Sanjay Dear Sir, My father recently Sep faced the issue that some one made 13 transaction of his pnb saving account by using his debit card details. My father immediately block his ATM card from customer care but during that he loose approx Rs from his account used for online shoping. Finally we get the details that online shoping was done on the following sites: Till here every thing was fine.

But after waiting of approx 20 days when we do not received the money back we asked from the customer care of the sites, all sites revert that while refunding process they are facing transaction error due to myfather ATM card used for these transaction is blocked. But sites are not accepting our request , also bank is not supporting in this matter. Now all sites started to give threat that if transaction are not sucessfull than they will return the money to marchant.

This is truly a disheartening news. We would advise you to persuade your bank to help you solve this matter. You also have an option to lodge a complaint with the Reserve Bank of India if you think you are not getting adequate support from your bank. Please follow the below link for the same:. We are sorry to hear that such a huge amount has been lost by you due to a fraudulent transaction. We recommend that you visit your local police station and file an FIR immediately.

Also, keep following up with your bank and show them the FIR to prove that this loss is real. We wish you all the best. I already informed in police station. But I want your help sir plz tell me what to do. And do u think dat money will recover. As you may know, giving out your details to somebody on the phone should never ever be done. It is good that you have filed a complaint with the police station. As of now, you must block your card and ask the bank for a new one as well.

In this case, getting the money back may not be possible since you yourself gave out your details. However, the police will be able to guide and help you better in this matter. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do. We regret to inform you about that. We hope you get your money back soon. Hi i recently was fooled by a guy and he took rupees from my account. He said that he is a customer service rep from one of the online phone recharge merchants dont wish to specify the name and since my recharge failed he is refunding my account.

He asked my card details and cvv along with the one time password. It was so foolish of me to not realise that he was trying for a transaction and he finally took from my account. Agitated i abused that retard and called my bank immediately to block my card. And ordered for a replaced card Sir i want to ask can this guy misuse my account further from the new debit card i ordered.

Fortunately, since you have now got a new card, he cannot do any more damage. I would say that you are lucky that he only stole Rs. In the future, please never give out your card details to anyone. There is no service that requires a person to ask for these details from a customer. Thanks for replying back. My new card is on my way, however my question was that can he hack my bank details from my previous debit card that was misused??

No he cannot since the previous card is not linked to your account anymore. So you need not worry. Hi, yesterday night a fraudulent transaction happened on my debit card and savings account where amt. My statement shows store name as Newfurs at St Petersburgh Russia. I have lodged a complaint with the police and intimitated the credit risk department. My query is that when the bank statement shows the merchant outlet name and address why cant bank confirm with the account holder, if he or she is making this suspicious transaction in some country far, far away from India.

I think it should be manadatory to confirm from the account holders before honoruing any transaction. Bank people have the records that first the hacker tried to swap 1. Please advise and how to go about recovery. I dont have faith in these HDFC bank people. Worst bank with worst internet server security. You have taken the primary measures such as informing your bank, and lodging an FIR.

We would suggest you to keep taking follow ups with the police and the bank, and hopefully this matter will get sorted out soon. I took subscription from sidetick. And debited 50 us dollars from my bank account. And have not refunded or promised to refund. I immediately took out my all cash from my bank account via atm.

I am on my way to block my debit card to avoid future losses. We would recommend you to contact your bank and request them to block all future transactions with this company. Before resorting to filing a case, we would recommend you to follow up with the company for some more time. As i am a student and live with my parents there is no chance that anyone will credit money tomy scammed account without prior notice. Is their any possibility to trace out the user. Sir, A recent case has taken place for hacking of my account by a call from unknown person impersonating as Bank of Baroda employee where I am holding my account.

He gave me the details of ATM cards initial 16 digits and said that your password has been changed by Bank and asked me the old password which I told him. After half an hour messages started pouring in of small withdrawals from my account which I enquired about with my colleagues who said that the amounts are being transferred to new password account after my narration of the phone call from Bank.

But someone knowledgeable asked me to enquire Bank and there they revealed that this was a fraud taking place with my account and it was my mistake to reveal my password.

As per your narration above I was told by bank to contact police and file a complaint wherein police said that there was the remotest of chances to recover money. To my amazement police hires private persons for detecting such crimes and we have to pay for their fees. I suppose there might be some cell for these kind of frauds and if they are not dealt seriously such persons get more confidence in doing so.

Kindly revert back with some highlight on my case and what steps should be followed. To inform you one more thing is that the person who had impersonated as Bank employee has his cell no. Till date that cell no. Do help please with your experience in such cases. It is indeed a dreadful experience that you had to undergo. As you have mentioned, you have filed a police complaint and informed your bank about the incident. What we can advise is, keep following up with the police and your bank so that they hasten the process of solving this issue.

IFSC codes are publicly available online. If this information was sensitive, then banks would not have disclosed it. Bank account number, although not public, alone is not enough for a hacker to hack your account.

My debit card details were stolen and two transactions worth Rs. I have the SMS from bank with the transaction d but the merchant name is not there.. Only shows that payment was redirected through ccavenue. We would advise you to contact your bank immediately and block your debit card, and inquire about the merchant where the card was used.

It is also advisable to lodge a complaint at a police station. I faced a fake transaction from my allahabad bank account on dated 14 oct at 4 pm.

New Delhi police required transferred FIR for further actions i also contact zonal office allahabad bank, bhopal on dated 16 oct We are sorry to know about your misfortune. Since you have the address of the accused, all you can do now is to take constant followups with the police.

Although the transaction did not happen, it looks like a hacking attempt. I went to the branch to complain and even the branch head got a similar message. Can you guys enquire? Since the branch head also received the same message, Axis Bank are probably looking into the matter themselves. It is best that you follow up with the bank itself as they would be resistant to share such information with us.

Please visit your bank immediately and report this matter to them. They will be able to help you out with regards to this. In this case, Amazon. I hope that the card has been blocked so that such a transaction cannot happen again in the future.

You should also lodge a complaint with the police and with the seller if this was a fake transaction that was done without your consent. Even thought they provided better net security compared to other banks.

Dont know how the transactions happen. Worst response from the staff. My bank asked me to contact Vodafone and they are in the process of dealing with this. The bank asked if I had tried to book a holiday in Turkey! Anyone else had a Vodafone withdrawal? We hope that you successfully manage to retrieve your stolen money back.

You have done a very good job by immediately reporting this to your bank and filing an FIR. The prompt response has probable saved your losses from getting higher. We hope you have blocked your card and requested the bank for a new one as well. The transaction can be cancelled if the bank has enough evidence that the transaction has been conducted without your knowledge or permission.

Some fraudster is recharged in mobikwik website with my ATM card on 28th Nov Three transactions done Rs. I got only the sms with transaction no. I have contacted ccavenue and they gave me the details of merchant mobikwik and order numbers and also IP address. They are saying it is instant recharge amount can not be refunded. Is there any possibility to get my money back, Pls guide me.

We advise you to lodge a complaint with your bank and at the local police station. Once they investigate the issue, they might be able to help you out.

I was recently hacked on my casino online account. Because the charge supposedly was done on on my account and was tracked to my home the company refused to return my charges on my bank debit card however the Bank refunded all my money.

As long as you notify them right away under the electronic debits act you are protected and can dispute unknown charges. The Casino threatened me and told me they would sue for teh money but I contact the FTC and they were able to clear up issues with regard to any falsified payments and game play. My debit card is not being used by me for point of sale from last 2 years apart from ECS facility. We are sorry to hear about this incident and about your loss. You have done the right thing by contacting your bank and freezing your account.

Additionally, you need to also contact your nearest police station and file this incident with them. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to help here as this is a matter of legal and financial theft.

Your local authorities would be the best party to help you out with this issue. We wish you all the best and sincerely hope you are successfully able to retrieve your money. Need your help in getting to know the merchants as the fraud transactions which have taken place are all within a span of few minutes without my knowledge. I am trying to contact the merchants, but it would be grateful if you can help me on how i can contact them.

I have masked some of the sensitive information and the fraud amounts. I have lodged a complaint with the bank and will be lodging a complaint with the police as well. I have had about 13 fraud transactions, The Merchants and transactiosn are provided below: Going through the names of these merchants, they seem to be popular e-commerce and online payment portals.

To my knowledge, whoever has misused your card has made purchases at sites such as Paytm, Amazon, Monster, Croma online and some other platforms. You have done the right thing by contacting your bank and you should also contact the local police as soon as possible, as you have mentioned. Unfortunately, we cannot help further here as this is a case for the local authorities and your bank to work out in cooperation with each other.

We sincerely hope that you are able to retrieve your money and track down this malicious party soon and successfully. From the trasaction remarks can i get the merchant details. Recently I met with a fraud in which I lost big amount. I have taken the bank statement the details of transaction are as under:. If you have already contacted your bank regarding this issue, they must be investigating the matter.

In the meantime, you can lodge a police complaint. Steampowere any idea to which merchant it belongs. How to trace it. I have received messages regarding transaction. How to get my money back. We are sorry to hear about this as that is quite a big sum to lose due to theft. You have done the right thing by contacting the bank and police. You must also block your debit card if not already done and try to track down the merchant through whom this transaction was completed.

If you can show them the FIR and prove that this was a fraudulent transaction, they may agree to reimburse you. But this depends from case to case. You will also need to persist with the authorities and see how they can help you out in this matter. We sincerely hope you are able to retrieve your money soon.

Today 12th january ,on monday i visited the branch with FIR. I have my own dowbt how much of it is poosible. The bank has taken my complaint. I didnt recieve any sms or 3d pin generation massage on my mobile which clearly indicates that there has been a security brach at the bank level. I am comtemplating going to consumer forum and RBI bank ombudsman. You have taken the right measures. We would recommend you to follow up with Flipkart and your bank about this matter.

And if you still feel that there is no progress, then you can lodge a complaint on consumer forum and RBI bank ombudsman. I have contacted the shopping website from which the fradulent purchase has been done, but did not get any replies so far. Tell me what to do next. Dear friends, I was going to book a flight online from makemytrip. After completing all the fields shown by makemytrip portal i.

What happens here I was sent back to makemytrip portal but my booking was not confirmed by them. I immediately contacted makemytrip wherein they stated that they have not received any money nor there is any booking exist. It happened today only any 2 hrs ago. We are sorry to learn about this misfortune.

We recommend you to get in touch with your bank, and lodge a police complaint. After reading this post i see that, getting money back from this online hacking is zero or do i have any chance of getting back my money??. We are sorry to hear about your loss. You have done the right thing by contacting your bank. We also recommend that you attempt to get in touch with the vendor through whom the transaction was carried out and also visit your local police station and lodge an FIR.

We also hope you have blocked your credit card. It is definitely possible for you to get your money back, but you will need to chase the authorities for this. Unfortunately, there is no more we can do to help. We sincerely hope that you are successful in your attempts to retrieve your stolen cash.

My wife gave me the call ,i had just one day before given few cheques for investment,i got worried if my account is frozen i will have many problems. He roared you want to freeze your account or activate it,back of mind i had the cheques in mind i got into the trickery. I coerced into submission and gave my card number,the fraudster said we will have to regenerate the pin number for you please see there is six digit pin number the first two are for official use last four are for activating your card at the ATM now you give me your old pin number and the first two digits which you have received i gave him than he said please give me your last four digit the actual pin so that i do the job before the bank transaction stops.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience in detail. This is a new trick by attackers to gain confidential information from victims. No bank or authority will ever call and ask for these details over a phone call. These attackers use such tricks and fool people but spreading awareness and sharing such incidents is the best possible way to repel such attacks in the future.

He talked me with formally so i came on his trap…. Firstly, you should block all your bank accounts immediately. This includes online banking as well and change all your passwords for your accounts. Secondly, you should visit your local police station and file an FIR regarding this.

Finally, visit your bank with this FIR and get them to help you trace down this attacker. We sincerely hope you are successfully able to retrieve the money you have lose to this fraud. Can some one please suggest that how to recover the same amount from that person or through some one else. The sender of the amount will need your account number, name, branch name and IFSC code.

After that, the bank will verify if this information is correct and this takes approximately 12 hours. Only once this is done, can a person transfer money into another account. Can you please advice as 1. What should be my steps to salvage the situation?

However, in such a situation there is not much we can do. This is a matter for law agencies so you need to approach the police and file an FIR and then approach your bank as well.

Also, please change your banking username and password immediately. My atm details was stolen they used it in bookmyshow paytm freecharge and justickets websites Bank management said can i know how used my debit card from above sites plz help me.

If you have registered the complaint with your bank, which, we presume you have done already, then your bank might be able to help you recover the loss. In my case even while taking precautionary measures on 23rd February between I was at my home in Ludhiana and my ATM was with me at home safe and secured. We are sorry to learn about your tragic incident. As you have mentioned, you blocked your ATM immediately, which means that a complaint has been raised. In most cases, banks do help consumers recover the lost money after proper investigation.

You are assuming that criminals need a pin to extract money from your account but they do not, they can do it contactless, and in such cases the customer is blameless and the bank will repay, if they believe you. Hi sir, i wanted to tell you that my fathers bank account has been hacked by someone. You will need to contact the local police and your bank to report this transaction. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to help here.

To hack an online bank account, a hacker would require more details than what you have mentioned. However, sharing such details may make you a victim to identity theft. I used my card at big bazar on 3 April arount 1.

I found it on next day i. What should be my next step? I called the italian store but they said that they are not authorised to favour such requests and it can be processed only if my bank asks them to do so. My bank customer care says contact your branch, branch manager says contact customer care.

Even after tracing it within 24 hours i am not able find a way. Since you have mentioned here that the merchant seems to be located in Italy, it is clear that the merchant is not the same as the one where you carried out your last transaction. So please ignore my previous comment about approaching that store. In this case, only the bank or police can help you. You can approach the cyber crime cell as well and see what support they can provide.

In your statement is this the same POS purchase detail as the legitimate transaction you had made some time before? If yes, then the fraudulent transaction was definitely held at the store. You need to approach the store manager and talk to him about this and say you will involve the police and file a complaint in that case. If the details are different then there is no way of knowing who has carried out this transaction. In that case, only the police or your bank can help you out.

The Bank customer support says contact your branch, Branch says contact customer support. The police seems clueless about it. I doubt that the fraud took place at Big Bazar or through its systems. I contacted the store in italy aswell but they refused to help.

I brought the matter to their attention within 24 hrs, What should be my next step? This is the recent fraud which has happened with me on 10th Apr I called customer service , they advised transaction has been done in London through Cash Withdrawal. They advised to go to Cybercell , Navi Mumbai.

They also provided acknowledgement.. Is it correct that police is filing any FIR about this?? Please advise me further process to get my money back …. We are sorry to learn about this misfortune of yours. As you have stated, you have taken all the required steps to get this issue resolved. It depends on the law and enforcement now to pursue this matter. What you can do at your end, take followups with your bank and the police about the issue.

Hi, 16 the may at 8. Did online shopping using debit card transaction. So its not my fault. Total deducted from my icici bank using 3 transaction. When I called Icici bank they told me it is done from France. Its not in their hand. So I think Icici bank level security itself is not secure. Also they are not able to give solution.

We are sorry about this and understand what you must be going through. The best people to assist you right now would be the police. You can also approach the cyber crime cell for assistance with this.

Unfortunately, this is a legal issue and there is not much that we can do to help here. We sincerely hope you are able to get to the bottom of this soon and are able to successfully retrieve your money.

We recommend that you contact Paytm and inform them about this issue and let them look into it. You can contact them by visiting this link — https: Sir i jst lost my 1. M in very stress. Nice article…will u plz tell me Vin audible this term use for which transaction.. PlZ explain how to find this. It would be hard to tell who this transaction is directed towards.

Your bank itself is the best party to give this information. If they are not helping you out, visit your local police station and file an FIR for this loss and then visit your bank with this FIR to convince them. You can also visit the consumer courts to convince your bank to share this information with you.

I was on the certain sites a month ago and stopped it and canceled and I found on my bank statement I was charged I just saw my bank statement and they charged me again another The best thing know is to go to the bank and get another card with a different number on it and explain to them what is going on. You have done the right thing by approaching the police and the cyber crime cell.

They are the best parties to help you out. Since this is a legal matter there is not much that we can do to help. So please be patient with the authorities. But really very strange money is not safe in bank…but do you how much time it will take.. Unfortunately, we cannot comment on how much this will take. It could be resolved in a matter of days but it could also take much longer. Right now i am in Paris, came for a business trip and my travel currency card was hacked today and they withdrawn around euro from my account.

They withdrawn it from Taiwan. Once i got the notification message, immediately i called to bank customer care and blocked my card. Tomorrow i am going lodge a complaint with local police in Paris.

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