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How do i apply a discount code? Holdem Manager 2 The best investment you can make in your poker game. You can always reinstall them later. PokerMania 22 de janeiro de Algumas vezes ao executar esse programa de desbloqueio aparece uma mensagem de erro, mas mesmo assim o programa fica liberado para mais 15 dias.

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Welcome to the Support Center for Holdem Manager 2

PokerManiaBR 2 de abril de Renan Ribeiro 27 de maio de PokerManiaBR 3 de outubro de PokerMania 8 de janeiro de PokerMania 22 de janeiro de PokerMania 20 de fevereiro de PokerMania 22 de fevereiro de Jorge 27 de fevereiro de PokerMania 27 de fevereiro de Xina 14 de maio de PokerManiaBR 14 de maio de The first thing you will likely want to do is import your hands.

Then you can start exploring the reports section of HM2. Run as Admin Make sure your running Holdem Manager as an admin by following these instructions and make sure you give admin rights to these 2 files: If it is not, you need to change it in the Lobby Options or reinstall the software and choose English.

Verify Normal Tables are working If you are still having issues at this point test the HUD on a normal table to verify its working correctly. Opening Order When playing Zoom, make sure to open in this order: Older patches have known issues that cause problems with PostgreSQL. Postgrespass is the default password HM2 uses.

If you initially installed PostgreSQL with Pokertracker the password might be dbpass or you might have chosen a personal password. Do not ignore this, as it is very often the issue. You can always reinstall them later. Here is a useful FAQ for configuring security software for the major brands. Update to the latest version Make sure you have the newest version. This option tells Holdem Manager to reimport the hands even if they were skipped in the past due to an import error that was since resolved.

Import previously imported hands In some cases the hands may also be in the poker sites default hand history folder so also try reimporting hands from those locations. If you notice a large amount of hands in any of the poker sites hand history folders then check if archiving is on.

If archiving is not on it can cause performance issues when too many hands build in the poker sites hand history folders. A - Choose your database name B - Choose the database path where the database files will be stored. If you have an SSD drive use that to improve speed and performance and always make sure the path will have enough space to maintain a growing database. C - Make this the default database if this will be the database you plan to use most often.

Sometimes a database can become corrupt. Then continue to use the new database. Holdem Manager support needs the original hands as the exported hands also export the errors and do not us see the original issue. Find these in the poker site hand history folder or in the archive. See above for details on finding hands in the archive.

Some sites like PokerStars allow you to create the hand histories in other languages but we only support English hands. If your reports are innacurate or you are missing hands try the following steps: Clear Filters First select Clear Filters. If you have several reports open and want to clear all the filters across all reports then also click the "Apply to all Reports" icon.

Now see if the hands show up when you refresh it. Try more than 1 report to confirm. Try it free for 30 days.

Leak Buster No Limit. Leak Buster Pot Limit Omaha. Holdem Manager 2 The best investment you can make in your poker game. Hold'em Manager is a must have for all players serious about their poker game.

Holdem Manager now accepts manual payments from Bitcoin plus these 5 major cryptocurrencies: Please note we cannot refund via bitcoin but you can choose either paypal or neteller for refunds. Take your poker game to the next level and download HM2 today!

Read What the Experts are Saying Invaluable tool in maintaining my edges in the biggest cash games in the world. Feature Example Details Cash Reports Hold'em Managers' easy-to-read graphs and multiple tools deliver the most comprehensive analysis of your game. HUD Options Displays a plethora of customizable stats on the table and the players.

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