How to Create a Million-Dollar Business This Weekend (Examples: AppSumo, Mint, Chihuahuas)

A couple of best bets: Lady of the Sea. I had done what I was supposed to do -- win money -- so why did I feel so guilty? Forbes reports possible problem with Apple's new phone operating system. Crazy Funny Viral Videos. What comes next in Facebook's major data breach Facebook says it recently discovered a security breach affecting nearly 50 million user accounts.

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When I launched my first app in the app stores a few years back, I thought the app was so awesome that it would get a lot of downloads. However, all is not lost. For the sake of brevity, I will mention the strategy that was the most quintessential to my then-future success … app store optimization. Find the right app store keywords. Convert visitors to users. To start, try and come up with at least 50 app store keywords. Here are some great ASO tools to guide you through the hunt for quality keywords.

These tools will provide you many other keywords to consider. Remember that your app store keywords must be relevant to your apps. You want your apps to be found by users who will actually download and enjoy your apps.

App Store Review Keywords Did you know the words in your app user reviews are indexed by the app store search engine?

This is why review mining is a very good method for getting app store keyword ideas. You will be surprised by the amount of keywords you might discover just by observing app reviews! Here are some app store keyword tools that can help you with this optimization process. These tools provide the popularities or search traffic as well as difficulties or chances of your app store keywords.

In general, carefully select around 25 app store keywords for the next release of your app. App Store Keyword Optimization Strategy For a new app, choose the app store keywords with low difficulty and reasonable popularity.

They help your app gain the initial momentum. They help your app stack up more downloads. Work your way up gradually as your app gets more popular. Long-tail App Store Keywords Use longer app store keyword phrases i.

Retiring Poor App Store Keywords If you have already released your app with your target app store keywords, check your current app store keyword ranking. Keep those app store keywords that your app ranks within top 10, and replace the rest with new keywords in your next release.

That means you can use up to characters to store your keywords for getting a lot more app store search traffic! There are a couple of metadata where you must fill in the text with your app store keywords.

Name your app in a creative and searchable fashion. As such, it is a good idea to include a few keywords in your app name. However, moderation is key. You need to find a good balance between keywords and branding. Thus, efficiency and moderation is the name of the game. App Name Format Keep the actual brand name short and sweet.

You can then append this short brand name with a few keywords, typically preceded by a dash or a semicolon. Amazon — Shopping made easy. Also, avoid any special characters in your app name, like the trademark or copyright symbol. Note that keywords in the above-the-fold section the first few lines carries more weight than the rest of the app description in Google Play Store search algorithm, so remember to put your main keywords in this section.

Also, Play Store allows rich formatting and emoji in your app description. Make good use of these features, as well as spacing, and bulleted lists to make your description stand out and easy-to-read. The iOS App Store does not search for app store keywords in the app description, but that does not mean iOS developers can be lazy with it.

You should mention the unique values — the provided benefits of the app — in the first three lines so that visitors can catch them easily from the description preview. If possible, list out all the social proofs, awards, and honorable mentions your app has received. Tell users what makes your app unique and why they will love it. Like the app subtitle field, the app promotional text was introduced in iOS It is situated at the top of the description and is limited to only characters.

Though the promotional text is NOT indexed in the app store search, you can change this text anytime without releasing a new version. This metadata decides how your app gets discovered. Fill in the keyword metadata with your selected app store keywords. Follow the rules below and make each character count!

The tool applies the above rules to your app store keywords and informs you on techniques to improve. In-app purchases can also appear in app search results and be featured on the Today, Games, and Apps tabs. You can display a maximum of 20 IAPs on your product page. To maximize your app store search exposure, be creative and include some app store keywords in the names of your IAP items.

The first goal of app search optimization is to increase the app installs. To this end, the app detail page has to be persuasive enough to convert the app store page visitors to app users. Here are a few things related to the app store page that developers have to look out for:.

To design a good icon, keep your design simple and eye-catching. Do not cram the small space with many items or words. You want people to remember the icon after the first impression, so simple designs without much noise is best. It should also look good against light and dark backgrounds.

Contrasting colors, different shapes, or the addition of a frame can also help. Branded vs Functional Icon If your app is a functional app, use one object to describe your app. If your app has an established brand, use the logo to make your brand and your future products recognizable. Color Scheme Use the science of colors in designing your icon. The color scheme should align with the message that you want your brand to convey.

To produce better screenshots, make sure each screenshot is telling a single message about your app. Display your strongest messages in the first two screenshots. App Store Optimization Tips: Screenshot Orientation Keep the screenshots vertical. The users can see more screenshots on the narrow screens when the screenshots are vertical. Vertical screenshots of Clash of Clans.

Screenshot Dimension iOS only Not so long ago app publishers had to upload screenshots of various sizes matching different iPhone models. This graphic has a big impact as to whether your visitors would watch your video. App Marketing Video Here are some of the essential elements of an effective app marketing video, as recommended by Apptamin , a company well-known for its app videos and trailers:.

Videos will always be displayed before screenshots and the first video will now play automatically, but the sound will be muted by default. Check out this infographic:.

User Review Sentiment Use this tool to get a user sentiment analysis of your app. For instance, ask when the user completed a reservation, finished a mission in a game, etc. What does that mean? Circa News app is a perfect example. Here is a flowchart of how it asks users if they would like to provide feedback:. To make the most of these scarce rating opportunities, you should first identify your app lovers, and then ask them for ratings at the right time.

And they are likely to give you 4 to 5-star ratings when you later ask them for app ratings at the right time. Plus, remember to reply to the app reviews and feedback!

Only the ones who care about your app will spend the time to leave a comment. Show them you care about them as well! This is a great way to let the visitors know that the developer is active too. Try to reply to all feedback immediately following a major release of your app. When you release an app update that fixes issues users mentioned in older reviews, consider replying to the relevant reviews to let them know that your update addressed their concerns.

Once a user indicates that your response answered their question or fixed their technical issue, consider asking them to update their rating and review. You can also foster deeper engagement by asking users for feedback on future app updates as part of your reply. Luckily, from iOS 11 onward, you can decide when to reset the average ratings and start over with a clean slate.

It is because users cannot download apps that are bigger than these sizes using cellular service. Take a look at Clash of Clans. Its iOS version is just Use this App Store Optimization tool. In fact, releasing regular updates has many benefits. It improves user loyalty and keeps an app top of mind because your app will show up in the updates list in the app stores.

How often should you update your app? Check out this chart first:. Your updates should always improve your app in some ways, either by bug fixings or enhancements. App localization gives you a larger audience to download your mobile app. But localizing the whole app to many languages can be a daunting task. Before doing a full localization of your whole app, consider localizing your app listing first. It means translating your app name, app store keywords, screenshots, etc.

Before localization, the downloads were mainly from within the US. After localization, his downloads looked like this:. In particular, China has already surpassed the U. If your app only has an English version for the U. App Localization Localize your app listing first to see how well your app performs in different countries. You can then decide if you should perform full localization of the whole app for the best performing countries. With this information, you can proactively localize your app to grasp the market opportunities.

Track the number of impressions of your app preview, the number of app page visitors, and app installs. Identify the step where the most people leave. Once you have identified the step where people leave, make appropriate changes and see if any conversion improvements occur. For iOS App Developers: This feature helps app developers engage existing users more frequently.

They improve your user engagement, which in turn improves your iOS app store search ranking. What are you waiting for?

Firebase App Indexing not only helps improve your user engagement, it is also a user acquisition opportunity. If you have a content-rich app, you should enable Firebase App Indexing to make to most of these opportunities. Here is a cool infographic produced by Y Media Labs. After you have published the changes, keep an eye on the app store keyword rankings. The app store keyword rankings change right after you published the new version.

The target is to make all your app store keyword rankings reach at least top Really amazing and inspiring post! I just finished the 4HWW and set a 30 day goal. Might as well set 14 day goal as well! Tim that was an amazing article by Noah and certainly does deserve a round of applause. Quickly correcting course I found it useful to take notes on elimination to get me to destination automation.

Suggestions for an app developer? I had my own iPhone app outsourced. I found them on Elance. If you want to know who I used, contact me through my blog. Can help answer your questions via email. I highly recommend this excellent interview with Noah on Founders Talk: It would be great to see this talk turned into a course on Udemy http: What a great post you cover all the angles from coming up with the idea through pricing to final validation of the offer.

Have tweeted this and if technology is behaving this should now be safely stored in my hootsuite library. The Google Insights and Facebook Ad data is invaluable. I feel like i should be paying for all this great content. Time to start thinking. Did I miss something here? PJ — Appsumo is like Groupon.

Companies in this example imgur. Pure Gold, here guys. This is like a master class in actionable brainstorming! How that leap was made from idea to reality is the stuff of new businesses, I think. Thanks Tim and Noah for a great post! Hal, To get to the Facebook page Noah is talking about, go to: I know my online dating business can and will work but just needs more conversions. What were they paid to do? Build a basic prototype? Hoping you and maybe some readers can help:. To be the boss instead of the employee; to be in charge.

To be neither the boss nor the employee, but the owner. To own the trains and have someone else ensure they run on time.

These also tend to be the best employees. If you want to help just make sure you create a secure business model that will also provide them with security. As a female business owner, I have struggled with this myself. I have great relationships with my employees, and I have their best interests at heart. My housekeeper for instance is trying to grow her housekeeping business which I am helping her with.

My virtual assistant just had a baby, and she is able to stay at home with the baby while working for me. It really is a win, win for everyone I employ- even the people I hire for a quick freelance gig here and there. You have to understand that there are a lot of people who are not cut out for small business ownership.

It takes a lot of determination and dedication to make things happen, and there are plenty of folks that want to show up, earn a paycheck and go home. It might help you to start out hiring an established company first before hiring an individual. Start small, figure out what you are getting yourself into, and make it work. I feel like this is essentially a services-only competition.

If you get people paying you through Paypal, you can just issue them a refund, if you cannot build the product in time. You might be able to do it if you were to find a product that you want to sell via http: It just needs to make money and, hopefully fulfill the muse in you.

What incredible insights, and a million dollar blueprint revealed here… So a huge thanks for sharing! Now, to stop reading and start working on my idea! Not to be a downer, but I found a bit of a flaw with the chihuahua example Noah used.

Most of the trends are from the city of Chihuahua, not exactly related to the dog, the market for pet owners of may be much smaller than initially thought. It almost sounds too good to be true. The person doing the research has to validate the results. You figured it out quickly, however, someone else might have not been as sharp and only discovered this little fact later. If they followed all of the steps they still would have discovered what you found and, maybe, not moved forward.

The latter three, which I picked from the list at random, get 27,, and 5, monthly searches exact match, which is much more conservative than the global match Noah used for the chihuahua root keyword ; chihuahua mexico only gets 9, searches—much more than chihuahua breeder, but far less than chihuahua trainer, and in the same order of magnitude as chihuahua for sale.

Another place to look for ideas to create products or services is eLance or similar sites. Got some ideas from there myself. I love all your muse articles and feel extremely inspired everytime I read an article like that. I just picked up your book again. First bought it in 07 when it got published. Have there been any major changes to the book Tim? Or does anyone know? Hoping that the 4HWW book from 07 is still relevant for my reading now.

Hi Tim and all Wantrepreneurs. Great post from Noah, woke up again the 4HWW spirit. I have some analitical info for you guys, hope you find this useful. After reading 4HWW I have setup this page: I tried to do everything according to the book, step by step.

I did the 3 pages myself, I outsourced the 3D visualisations on Elance. So here are some statistics:. The only WRONG thing I did was to assume that searches for my term taken from google keyword tool would be enough to make this profitable. I hope this will help you guys. Cause to be honest I would love to read more comments like the one I just wrote: Thanks for the correction.

Although research showed that adwords ads with a spelling mistake get more clicks than correct ones: The card case concept you came up with is super cool. Could I ask something though, how did you source for a manufacturer for a product like that? And also, did you launch the website before the final product was made?

Or was your entire product line out before you launched the website? Daniel, I did not arrange the phisical product. If you read the book first you should test the idea, and thats what I did. And as you can see making real product would be a waste of resources and time. You have a different problem—you based your search traffic on the wrong match type. But getting to 1 in the serps would take a lot of link building, and PPC would probably wipe out your gross earnings. Yes, I know it now.

But it was still great learning expierience. I have few more ideas lined up, will keep you posted with some more stats. Because statistics is what we all need to stop dreaming and start doing some work with the good ideas we all have in our heads.

Oh, and here is interesting statistic: Well then, fantastic job with the design! Do you have any other websites you designed I could take a look at? When we originally tested the product, we had probably a third of that number due to low AdWords budget, but were still averaging a sale a day as measured by inputs into the shipping info field on the price page at 40 bucks — the same price we have now.

It seems like your multi-step checkout process would be great for customer trust. Is that a 3rd party checkout cart or something that you set up yourself?

All my card games these days are either on the machines or online.. You can find this info by setting up a Facebook Ad campaign. Go ahead and create an Ad. At that point you can either save the ad for later use or just delete it. Facebook collects all kinds of demographics, that Facebook users willingly provide, that you can explore. Launching a new business: Going from concept to revenues in just 72 hours-. Does that make sense?

So long as they are proficient in one area thats the main thing. I think with a social networking site you want to look at the quality of design, style, graphics, so same as before, go to their portfolio, test out their sites for real.

If you are creating a social network in the usual sense there are sites where you can pay per month and use their existing software and customise it for your own brand. Just do a search for Social Network Software i. It sounds like you have done a couple of social networks. I am currently working on getting one built. I have a couple of questions about this as it is my first time building one.

Could I pick your brain? According to my understanding, AppSumo and Imgur. But those two services are different! Why will he assume the result from Imgur. By the end of the campaign, we had sold more than Imgur pro accounts.

It took me a second to figure out what he was talking about, too. AppSumo is similar to groupon, they need a service to sell. Noah promised to pay him for sending him paying customers because people were going to pay upfront like groupon for discounted pro memberships. Noah just needed permission to do this. Great article by Noah. Tim, obviously you are passionate about fitness and sports performance as am I. I have an idea that will make training using exercises such as Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats, Step ups, Box Squats, Dips, Push ups, and more, much easier to set up and more precise and effective for any individual.

I would like to stress that,. Regardless what you want to do success is denoted by motivation. And of course if you increase your knowledge, experience, and read a lot. Nevertheless, having motivation is by far key. Getting up and accepting the blows of life,. As well as being emotionally competent. And actually just getting a little bit angry with life and grabbing it by the collar, so you can achieve what you want.

Great presentation from Noah Kagan! I am so intrigued by his wit and intelligence that I did a search on YouTube. By the way, is this presentation video taped? I wish it was as I am a visual person I absorb better with help of pictures or videos. A suggestion, I m just saying. This is a great article. Thanks to Noah for all the great info! I believe he was only validating the idea of users buying software on a time constraint, saving him future time and money on product development.

So he was basically just an affiliate? What confuses me, is why Imgur would see this as a really good deal on their part. Surely it would be more worthwhile to do their own discount and keep a higher profit? This got me thinking too.

He probably convinced imgur to be able to reach a wider audience and if he reached a certain number of sales imgur would offer a discount to his customers.

This, then validates the idea. In which case it would negate the idea he is trying to validate. This is all fine and good for people trying to make a buck off the internet by riding coatttails, but its Greek to everyone else.

True innovation often seems to get swamped by people who are so eager to jump at the the latest development for personal gain…. What makes this post great is that it is actionable, which is quite hard to find. Thanks for providing useful content.

Everytime I see wantapreneur, I see wank-apreneur — which I guess amounts to the same thing right? But yesterday I had my best sales day since I opened up shop not including day 1 because I had pre-sold. Several weeks ago, I got the random idea to put together an ebook to help noobs do what we were doing with the 2nd muse. Thanks for posting this blog, it was the kick in the rear I needed to get going.

Loved that post… exactly what I needed at the right time so happy I came across it.. This is a fantastic read. Go boys and girls! I agree, that is a great post. Should I still try to sell my idea?

Finding the initial idea is definitely the hardest part, I know once I have my muse everything else will fall into place. As of Friday I got the go ahead to work remotely from Australia dialling into the UK and a pay rise to boot. This is an exceptional post with concrete tips and steps for developing a muse. Your best point in the post is that a new product need not be comprehensive, but instead start with the essence of the product and build from there.

This mindset helps me take action. Great post guys, I am moving forward with my idea. Tim, I need an actual product manufactured and at some point shipped etc so any help for support on that end would be greatly appreciated. Never saw such an actionable post from such an experienced and well known person. Kudos to Noah and Tim! Great information, especially for someone just trying to figure out where to go once they have an idea — which has always been my problem!

Here are the income proof screenshots: We did this with launching a product on how to create sales funnels to people interested in internet marketing.

It would be the first of many. Noah has quite the start-up resume. We made the original product for Gambit in a weekend. Find your profitable idea. Lastly, look at the total number of people available on Facebook for dogs: Not bad, not bad. Some other groups you can think of targeting: Local cities Austin, Boulder, San Jose Narrow interest groups disc golf, fat tire mountain bike Demographics Jewish people who live in South America, Indian people who live in Sydney You can also see if there is a large property that you can piggyback on, and funnel traffic from.

This is the base cost. See how much it costs to maintain a Chihuahua each year i. Look up their life expectancy, which is roughly 15 years. This is only for one breed of dog. If you find success with Chihuahuas, you can easily repeat the process many times with other dog breeds.

This is only for one product. I share this story because it illustrates an important point: There are two simple methods for rapidly validating whether people will buy your product or not: Pick up stuff from your friends and neighbors houses. Reduce credit card transaction fees. How can you fix that? What other companies are taking high margins that you can beat?

Do this for them. On the flip side, you can charge the consumer to go and take tours of houses on their behalf. Rich people have more money than time. Go see what has been on their to-do list for longer than a week OR see if they have investments they are interested in and want someone to do the research. Killing Your Inner Wantrepreneur We made it!

All you need is one weekend. Facebook Twitter Email Reddit Print. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public.

Maybe tim can bring you on more often. Agreed, AppSumo is one of my favorite new startups, they really nailed the daily deals angle. I came across this post on assessing the reliability of a manufacturer in China: And I had to read this at 5: I have the idea.

Love what I see at Shopify, Unbounce. Off to write down a plan and create a landing page…. Thanks for the feedback, all! Hope that helps somehow, Tim Like Like. This part really caught my eye: Tim or Noah, do you have any advice for this?

You can find them there. Look at the total number of people available on Facebook for dogs: Brice, you might find some answers at the Warrior Forum… just Google it. First off, when referring to views he is referring to AD views and not webpage views.

Let me give you an idea: I set up a simple ad with very generic targeting. This ad targets users: Patrick Super helpful feedback!! Sheyi Like Liked by 1 person. Good puck, Will Like Like.

Anyone have any ideas that can help? Great post Tim, and good to see you replying to comments again! Amazing post, really valuable details! I was also wondering where he got the facebook outcome from?

Hal and Sebastian, you might want to check out Facebook Ads. Now to the blank piece of paper and a drawing board. Good luck people , let battle commence! This article will be extremely useful. Thanks guys Like Liked by 1 person. Where is the entrepreneurs discussion group in Indiana? Seems like naming the startup is quite important — how to find and choose a good startup name Like Like.

Hey Noah, Great post and amazing website Tim! Dave Like Liked by 1 person. I look forward to seeing everyone in Texas… Like Like. Pls clarify on this, looking forward to start!

Excellent article…now onto the million dollars. Looking forward to where this is headed. I will use this in my coaching practice. Tim and Noah, Thank you very much for this blog entry! Thanks again for the advice.

Chris, If you really believe in your idea, just go for it in small iterative steps — prototype and keep building it. Thanks and many regards, Wouter Sonepouse Like Like.

Hey, Tim that was an amazing article by Noah and certainly does deserve a round of applause. Hey Tyler, I had my own iPhone app outsourced. Thanks a ton — awesome post. Can we use Goodsie instead of Shopify? Goodsie is sooo good. I was wondering this as well… Like Like.

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