12 Ways to Increase Hotel Security

Our top casino guide also provides information about where to find excellent job leads and tips about how to apply for exciting careers with Southern California's finest Indian resorts, casinos and gaming centers, including watchdogs. Just like he did with Hoffa. I have been putting off writing this blog. The , square foot Jamul casino facility features some 1, slot machines, and 40 live table games. Bachelor Bachelor of Science in Business Admin.

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Casino dealers must be friendly and outgoing. They are expected to represent their establishment well and also to depend on tips as part of their income. The ability to do simple math quickly is vital. Good hand-eye coordination and a general enjoyment of the unique casino atmosphere are also important. This is a specialized kind of security guard who monitors the casino gaming floor and casino property in general for criminal actions such as fraud or trespassing.

A gaming surveillance officer will usually patrol the casino, looking at game operations and the behavior of casino guests and employees. The officer will also monitor video and audio camera footage. Some post-secondary education or training is generally required for employment.

Licensing requirements vary by state and by whether or not a security guard is armed. Voluntary professional certification is also available. Customer service representatives talk directly to the customers of a business or organization and provide assistance or information. They may handle orders, complaints, account changes, inquiries, or suggestions from a company's customers or an organization's members.

Customer service representatives may be authorized to resolve problems and may also pass on serious issues to higher-level staff. Many customer service representatives have at least a high school diploma, although some employers may prefer candidates with an associate's or bachelor's degree; customer service representatives in some fields, such as insurance, may need a state license. On-the-job training is common, and some employers help their customer service reps prepare for state licensing, too.

Career Options for a Degree in Hospitality Management. Most programs in casino and gaming studies award Bachelor of Science B. Students interested in studying casino management typically enroll in a hospitality and tourism or hotel and restaurant Certificate programs in casino security teach the fundamentals of the gaming industry and may focus on the mitigation of theft If you are interested in graduate study related to casino management, you may consider a master's degree in hospitality The listings below may include sponsored content but are popular choices among our users.

Explore over 4, video courses. Find a degree that fits your goals. Career Information for Becoming a Casino Dealer Casino dealers not only deal cards but also offer customer service and keep an eye out for cheaters. Career Definition for a Casino Dealer The responsibilities of a casino dealer vary by workplace but typically involve dealing cards for games such as poker or blackjack, operating the roulette wheel or assisting patrons on the slot machine floor.

Bureau of Labor Statistics Education Required Many casino dealers have attended a dealer school either provided by the casino itself or through a vocational school. Skills Required Casino dealers must be friendly and outgoing. Career and Economic Outlook The U.

Find schools that offer these popular programs. Alternate Career Options Some skills required to be a casino dealer will help prepare you for jobs in other areas: Gaming Surveillance Officer This is a specialized kind of security guard who monitors the casino gaming floor and casino property in general for criminal actions such as fraud or trespassing.

Customer Service Representative Customer service representatives talk directly to the customers of a business or organization and provide assistance or information. What is your highest level of education?

Show me all schools Near my home Online schools only I want to choose a state Enter zip: Associate of Hospitality Management: Hospitality Management Salary and Career Information.

Wage Info, Job Description and Requirements. Career Information for Becoming a Casino Dealer. Hotel Room Service Cashier: Job Description and Requirements.

Casino Cashier Courses and Classes Overview. Casino Dealer Courses and Classes Overview. Job Options and Requirements. Employment and Career Information. Top Schools for Hospitality Management. Health Information Technology Video: Career Options in Medical Information Systems. It took me awhile to find information on this subject that puzzled me. Details galore in this folder but not much detail about the various worth of points.

However, 7 merely says this: I talked to knowledgeable friends who had been playing at Station properties for a long time and also asked about this issue on the vpFREE discussion forum. They are introducing a brand-new casino management system that will make major changes to how they track customer play through their B Connected players club.

Unfortunately, they are giving out very few advance details. Here is the little I have found out:. Will this generate even more extra fees to try to pump up a casino bottom line — or perhaps lead to more and better promotions to increase customer visitation?

I am cautiously optimistic about this latter result. Although our regular monthly mailers are pretty much as they have been for quite a while, we are finding a few extra offers mid-month in our snail-mail box and computer Inbox. Maybe this is the beginning of a long-lasting trend? From an ad in the R-J, a good idea for casinos that have limited in-house options for utilizing the comps you earn: Senior Thursdays, with new and increased benefits. For adults and children! See the details at the Silverton Casino website.

It will be set up, not only in their older established casinos, but will fold into the system those recently-acquired Vegas properties, like the Cannery and Aliante, as well as new sales pending in the Midwest. This roll-out process at 29 gaming properties will take time, the company says, lasting the rest of this year and well into When completed this will be one of the largest player reward systems, topped only by the one of Caesars Entertainment. I usually am not excited about them!

My life story is the subject for a documentary film Granddaughter Kaitlynn is making as the required thesis for her masters degree in Film Production.

She is starting to understand that, although it looks like two very different worlds, there is much the same. I learned the value of being careful with money when I was a very little girl so it was not a surprise I became a frugal gambler. I knew I would be a teacher as soon as I started first grade so it was not a surprise that I wrote books teaching about smarter gambling. So she is filming as we enjoy comped casino meals. She is filming us as we play video poker. She already knows about coupon runs since we took her on one a couple of years ago when she turned So that was on the top of her must-film list.

But Kaitlynn got the footage she needed — and I got some photos to share with you. Many readers asked for a trip report. We have eaten at the Range Steakhouse many times and it is always top-notch when we want to go gourmet. Since we are both at the Seven Star players club level, we took advantage of their Diamond Lounge frequently. They serve hot food from 4 p. We eat very lightly these days, so we often find items we like to make our complete small meals.

We especially like their chunky chicken salad with cranberries and walnuts. These days when we want to visit other casinos, we take the river taxi!

Especially during the weekends, the restaurants, beach, and family pool are crowded with kids. Good there is also an adult-only pool for a quieter experience! The sandy beach is popular for all ages and the jet ski rental business there is booming all summer. Down through the years we have enjoyed many side road trips. The Indian-owned Avi Resort and Casino 25 miles down the Colorado River has a Vegas-style hotel and casino, with many amenities that include a movie theater, an RV park, and beach and water activities.

There will be a stopover in Havasu City to see the bridge and have lunch and then the cruise back to Laughlin. One of our favorite places to take friends and family is the historic former mining town of Oatman, Arizona, on Route 66, about a minute drive from Laughlin. These days it is a quirky tourist destination with fake gunfights in the streets, wild burros roaming carefree, and the usual places to eat and drink and buy kitschy souvenirs.

Many visitors to Laughlin are those who drive from Las Vegas, as we did. That drive used to be a traffic nightmare before a divided highway was built. And now it is even easier since the bypass around the Railroad Pass Casino has been completed. However, a little bit of the old bad memories came back on this last trip since there is now construction between Searchlight and the Laughlin turn-off and we had to contend with about 16 miles of no-passing single lanes coming and going!

Some visitors take these charter packages regularly every few months, praising their convenience, with straight-through flights and included room accommodations. When they land in the Bullhead City airport across the river, a bus is waiting to take them straight to the hotel. The prices for these vary, but for many visitors, after they pay for the first trip, the future ones can be discounted or completely comped depending on their previous casino play history.

Some gamblers feel Laughlin is more laid-back, more like the good old days, and opt for it as an alternative to the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas. Yes, we occasionally do. Down through the years I have talked about providing casino vacations for our families. However, they end up being a frugal bargain if you compare it with paying for the whole thing with money out of pocket! This one is not with family but a chance to meet up and socialize with friends.

As is usual, we will have a comped suite and most of our meals will be free. No serious gambling this trip — just the goal of relaxing with no stress. B-Connected Summary — So Far! Part 2 Posted on September 19, by queen of comps. Here is a warning for slot players and VP players: Your journey to reach a certain tier level can be slowed down if you frequently pull your card or change machines or even change games within one machine.

The tier credit countdown stops whenever you do any one of those things, and then starts back at zero whenever you start back to play again. But as you can see from the above item, it would seriously affect the VP player. Here is some text I read in their recent newspaper ad: These new changes will affect each player differently.

Many are leaving and hunting other casinos where the benefits are better. If you read the comments on my last 4 blogs, you would find good specific suggestions for this option. Just always remember that a wise player will look at a combination of factors, trying to get the best total EV of good games AND benefits.

Part 2 was last modified: September 19th, by queen of comps. Part 1 Posted on September 15, by queen of comps. Part 1 was last modified: September 15th, by queen of comps. But whatever the case, here are some pieces of information that might help you have a more frugal casino experience: And did you notice that the Palms logo is missing on many of these promotions described in the newspaper ads?

And remember that the Palms does not participate in the MyGeneration program that is in place at all the other Station properties. No special benefits for us oldsters there! Although the prices at the Palms are reasonable compared to other more-upscale buffets in town, the prices at Palace Station are even lower.

Check them out here. These discounts are in place for buffets at all Station properties. Here are some fine-print restrictions I have recently run across: Recent Frugal — or Non-Frugal — Discoveries was last modified: September 8th, by queen of comps. Boyd Gaming Changes Posted on September 2, by queen of comps. Finally, just yesterday I went to the players club at the Gold Coast and asked this question and I was given a little credit-card-size cardboard with a point-earning chart: An overall view of the program The rules and regulations: Boyd Gaming Changes was last modified: September 2nd, by queen of comps.

Posted on August 25, by queen of comps. Here is ours, trying to look optimistic: August 25th, by queen of comps. Here is the little I have found out: It will be introduced into 29 gaming properties, including their older established casino as well as new ones they have taken over in the past year or so and those in the Midwest where sales are pending. This new system roll-out will start August 27, but will be done gradually, lasting the rest of this year and well into This new system will enable property-wide bonusing and progressive jackpots.

Jean, Read Your Own Stuff was last modified: August 17th, by queen of comps. El Cortez From an ad in the R-J, a good idea for casinos that have limited in-house options for utilizing the comps you earn: Tuscany Suites and Casino Check out promotions at their very-detailed website, including some of the following: Tuesdays 2-for-1 promo for Tuscany Gardens and Pub You keep the points for this one.

August 10th, by queen of comps. Busy with Family Posted on August 4, by queen of comps. Busy with Family was last modified: August 4th, by queen of comps.

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