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Now firmly in the centre of a metropolis whose population eventually reached 4. Retrieved from " https: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. See what travelers are saying: As a poker player, I was deeply disappointed.

Potsdamer Platz:

Spielbank Berlin Hasenheide Tournaments

I asked whether it is possible to make a reservation with him. Dress code-wise, literally anything goes. There are many reasons to visit Germany whether you are looking for gastronomical delights or cultural exploration. One of the most popular destinations in German is Berlin. The city is the capitol of Germany and one of its 16 states.

The city has an approximate population of 3. Berlin is known as a centre for world culture, politics, media and science. For casino enthusiasts, Berlin houses some of the best casinos in the country including the Berlin Casino Potsdamer Platz. The casino is considered to be one of the premier land based casinos in Germany and attracts visitors from all over the country as well as international tourists. The entrance fee into the casino is less than 3 Euros and the dress code is casual.

The casino houses a world-class restaurant called the Casino Royal. Here visitors can enjoy a first-rate meal in a relaxed atmosphere. When it comes to slots, the casino offers a comprehensive range of over slot machines including the latest video slots as well as progressive slots, classic slots and fruit slots. In the table and card game section, players can choose from live roulette, poker or blackjack.

Poker Games and Tournaments The Berlin Casino Potsdamer Platz houses a separate poker floor where players can enjoy a classic game of poker with both high and low limit tables. The casino hosts regular daily poker tournaments where players can buy in for 14 euros. All the time, rubbing it against Jake's face and genitals. On removing it, he saw Jake was unconscious, knocked out by the intense pain and the shock.

His hands clung to her tits, blood stained and warm. As he kissed her, a flood of bloody and bile gushed up, into his mouth. Three men stormed into a hotel wielding guns and a machete and made off with the cash. One witness said they threatened to set off bombs. Boris Becker was one of the 1, poker players taking part in the five-day tournament which began on Tuesday but was eliminated by Thursday.

Scroll down to see video of the daring heist [caption] [caption] Several poker players and other guests at Berlin's Grand Hyatt hotel were wounded in the robbery, which lasted less than three minutes. The men targeted a room on the first floor of the five-star hotel where the entrants to the tournament bought their gambling chips. Two men stood guard while the getaway driver waited outside.

A security guard grappled one of the attackers knocking a revolver out of his hand and held him on the ground shouting for help. But then two of the gang members returned and threatened the guard with a machete and a glass bottle forcing him to release the accomplice. A photographer covering the competition told Germany's best-selling tabloid Bild said that at first he thought it was a PR stunt.

He said he saw one of the robbers shoving Euro notes into a rucksack as an accomplice threatened security staff with a machete as they in turn threw objects at them. The money was kept at a front desk where gamblers exchanged their cash for poker chips.

The gang then ripped off their masks and ran out of the Grand Hyatt Hotel in central Berlin before making off in a black Mercedes. There is some doubt as to how much the gang actually made off with as police would only say they made off with 'a portion of the prize money'. The competition was being televised online and within hours clips had been posted on YouTube. In the footage, players are seen studying their cards before the game is suddenly disrupted by the sound of glass smashing and people shrieking.

They quickly follow suit, abandoning their cards and chips on the table. A source told The Mail on Sunday: The tournament continues tomorrow — with armed police. YouTube shows the gang bursting into the hotel, with security guards running for cover. One guard manages to capture one of the attackers and pins him on the floor in a head-lock. However, in different footage captured on a handheld camera, the guard is forced to let the attacker loose when another of the gang threatens him with his machete.

Every participant buys in to the tournament for a predefined amount and receives a fixed number of chips in return. Players drop out of the tournament when they run out of chips. Participants receive a bounty chip with a specific value in exchange for a certain amount of the buy-in.

The remainder of the buy-in is played for in the form of the regular prize pot. The game is played in freeze-out mode. Bounty chips are thrown into the pot during an all-in game.

The winner of the pot receives the tournament chips and the bounty chips. Bounty chips are cashed in by the floorman. In the case of secret bounty tournaments, 'bounty prizes' worth a specific amount of the buy-in are allocated in secret to some of the players. As soon as one of these players drops out of the game, the secret bounty prize is paid out directly to the corresponding opponent by the floorman.

Players to whom a 'secret bounty prize' is allocated and who make it to the final table receive the value of the secret bounty. Participants in rebuy tournaments can buy a predetermined number of additional chips.

Chips can be 'rebought' together with the start stack or when a player has less than the start stack. Rebuy tournaments can offer limited or unlimited rebuy options. Tax is not levied on rebuys.

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