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We just need a few details to get going on your quote:. Self-service betting kiosks eliminate common customer frustrations, including: At RHL, we know that we are in competition with deeply competent players. Retail Kiosks Self-service delivery has become an integral part of long-term retail strategy. KIOSK has been creating sports betting kiosks for many years, with many custom sports betting platforms. Keno is one of the oldest and simplest of casino games.

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Beyond eliminating the need to wait in line at a players' club booth, SeePoint interactive loyalty kiosks effectively reward and motivate customers by tapping into the potential of each client's loyalty database.

SeePoint's self-service promotional kiosks utilize a customer's players' club information or loyalty card to offer a suite of customized, real-time opportunities designed to further promotional objectives. SeePoint promotional kiosks act as a virtual employee as well as streamline traffic, improve operations and reward players in innovative ways.

As the physical size of casinos increase, along with the number of amenities and retailers conjoined with them, SeePoint's information and wayfinding kiosks allow casino customers to easily navigate a property with unique, feature-rich interfaces. Often customers prefer self-service kiosks to fact-to-face interactions with staff especially at peak times. To service this customer demand, SeePoint's gaming industry clients have deployed SeePoint kiosks where they are used by customers to quickly make self-service gaming table, lodging, dining or other reservations merely using a name and cell phone number.

Untethered, customers can explore the casino property while they wait, and are alerted via SMS or a phone call from the kiosk when their reservations are ready - more likely than not spending and visiting other areas of the property.

SeePoint's kiosks are uniquely adaptable to casino environments, and can be equipped with peripherals and features such as thermal receipt and ticket printers, fanfold ticketing printers, card readers, bar code scanners and bill acceptors. SeePoint kiosks have eye-catching secondary monitors that offer customers a streaming billboard of graphics, videos and information on live shows, conferences and other events.

SeePoint's ticketing and registration kiosks provide casinos a fully integrated platform to centrally display and manage events as well as a way to have customized one on one interactions with customers, guests and show attendees using self-service kiosk applications.

In the Americas, loyalty club membership has a particularly potent effect. Net return scores follow a very clear upward progression from These compelling statistics combined with the cost-saving benefits of self-service environments has made Casino Loyalty a popular gaming deployment application for KIOSK customers. Loyalty card kiosks reward and incentivize customers, presenting opportunities for increased repeat business while simultaneously gathering personalized information about targeted casino clients.

Key benefits of casino loyalty programs include:. Gaming loyalty programs go beyond traditional retail solutions. Contact us to learn more about how casinos and loyalty programs will complete your gaming kiosk environment. Self-service betting kiosks eliminate common customer frustrations, including: Sports betting kiosks can: Accept cash, winning tickets, and vouchers Grant full access to all sports propositions and pari-mutuel horse racing Provide tools for easy compliance with currency transaction reports and book wagering reports Secondary monitor for events, current lines, and ads KIOSK has been creating sports betting kiosks for many years, with many custom sports betting platforms.

Key benefits of casino loyalty programs include:

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