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We have a dedicated guide on mounts up here so be sure to check it out for more information. Unfortunately unlike most other content you can do in TESO dungeons give an underwhelming amount of experience, so if leveling quickly is your goal you might not want to repeat each dungeon more than once. Should have been a warning bell right there. Oh no, not you too Mr Murf.. March 9, at Eiditic memory is stuck later and it works you see every plain note or ford you have ever mounting in the conflicting.

Health, Magicka, Stamina

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Belongings may also foster an additional time, Imperial, which may be a part of any of the three books. I have a couple friends who have said the same as well but when pressed for how far they got bot only made it around level …that barely out of the tutorial.

The first hours of skyrim is just basic combat with little customisation, a lot if dialogue and fetch fetch quests and then probably getting killed by a pack of wolves you bump into. But you keep play past that. This is where I believe that the really negative media, unjustly so at times like that new rps post about the fairly standard oricing is creating a lot of negative expectations. People are playing enough to confirm doubts, if they do at all, and then criticising for the most basic mmo elements.

Oh there are people doing the same quest as me, killing the same mob, or that there are quests when these are basic mmo things.

This is why I say they need to open it up for longer, to streamers and YouTube creators so you get a range of material from across the game. To Bing some actual information and start removing all this hearsay. That, is the weirdest part of this whole pre-order bit, we have very little real info and even less gameplay. That does not somehow become strange to do for an MMO. The very idea that players should level up for a dozen hours before deciding how great the game is, is an absurd standard we only hold MMOs to.

Even Carbine seems to understand this. Thats why they have the mega fans. Especially for a subscription! I agree that is something they definitely need to work on.

Ff14 30 minute cuts cents and then not her hour or more of fetch quests. Neverwinter was insanely basic for an hour or more. Defiance did the same. The Rift territorial was and still is an abomination. Omg and tera, just yuck.

I agree that the definitely need to start letting people see the product. I would rather realistic expectations than the post release crash of tor. So long as none of it gives a noteworthy end-game advantage I am fine. My problem with ESO is that it takes a sharp turn from the previous versions of the series in at least Morrowwind through Skyrim all races were always available and you could join any faction as I noted in my post.

To me, this is like if Blizzard suddenly decided that in WoD you can be any race on any faction, but only if you buy the CE or preorder. It would be like Wildstar forcing me to pay for a less boobied race.. It is that simple. The rest of your points are spot on. While this game may end up deserving its hate, I hardly think that it has had enough time to prove it does so far.

People need to relax. The only way I could see it be as important as you say to the experience is if you actively play that race and Role play as them otherwise, what does it matter if the option is available or not. Morrowind allowed you to play Imperials. That came out in , so it is over a decade of precedent we are dealing with. Even if they are just another human model, humans do have distinct looks in the series and very different backgrounds. However, since it is a sub, I think it feels greedier and disrespectful to fans of the series.

They had to make Imperials anyway, for one. This feels more like on disc DLC than a valid use of content not originally designed for release. So there is precedent for both their exclusion and inclusion. Should have been a warning bell right there. Ahh so everything for a long while though has included them… hmm, that does make it weird for them to hold it back in this case.

Although then if you had made them too unique it would have been worse than this. I cannot really claim to be the fan of the Elder Scrolls. That said, I highly doubt that the people who love what Elder Scrolls represent will find anything to their liking in ESO.

ESO is multiplayer, themepark, third-person Yes, there is first person option, but you might as well play blindfolded for all the good it does. It is nothing like the single player games. I hate to say it, as my whole experience of the game comes from a couple of dev videos, but it is WoW in coat of ES lore and universe. We will be able to see if people love the universe of Elder Scrolls, or how things are done within the single player games of ES.

Was anyone in the know about the game and the genre really expecting it to be an open sandbox type thing… hmm, ok silly question. It will be very divisive though.. I have been sitting here waiting for 10mins…Yes litterally 10 fucking minutes and counting.

The load times for this game are absurd and not practical at all. This is fucking crazy. It played smoothly, was responsive and loaded very quick on my dying laptop the last beta weekend so that leads me to think that issues now are from literal stress testing… As was implied.

If they had a more in depth beta with greater long term participation they would have anticipated this. They let in a massive amount.. And an extremely bad one at that so I do wish they had prepared better but oh well. Early access 3 days headstart — pretty standard really. Pretty Horsey Might be a bit of an advantage in the early game as the seemed expensive, but that was only a placeholder price. Ring of Mara Exp when playing with a specific friends. But no, this is the bigger issue apparently.

Setting Expectations Leo's Life.

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